Our Mission

By closely following the technological developments and with our understanding of continous development ; our products and services are carried to be at the highest level with the best quality in the standarts of our customers’ expectations.

Our Vision

With the adaption of stable and continous growth as a principle;

  • -be able to represent our country around the world successfully,
  • -giving high level of value both to the employees and environment,
  • -to be one of the leadings in market share,
  • -to be a successful, global and reputable export company.
About Us

FOURES AIRSPRINGS company was formed as a part of ESSA KALIP at the beginning of 2013. The main target is to manufacture first class air springs for vehicles with the best technology and experience. Our company has 500.000 pieces of airsprings manufacturing capacity per year with 5000 m2 production plant area . FOURES AIRSPRINGS is a continuous developing partner and aftermarket equipment producer for the commercial vehicles with air suspension systems such as buses, trucks, trailers etc. Our company works as an aftermarket supplier and has many customers from Europe and Middle East. Actively we have export to USA, Dubai, Hungry, Poland, Macedonia, Ukraine, Letonia, Afghanistan,Egypt, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iraq…

FOURES not only makes airspring production but also produces own mold and machinery on its own constitution. FOURES, with it’s strong global reputation, continues to grow up in airsprings market through the World. For us, Quality is the key for differentiating the brand in this dynamic and competitive trade World. So, Quality is the most important point that Foures will never back down from… In today’s World, it’s not difficult to see that quality is not only necessary for the production but also it is the core to all part of process, design, purchasing and sales. At the end, it is fair to say that: Quality and experience are the keys to reach the World…

FOURES Hakkında
Quality Policy

As FOURES AIRSPRINGS COMPANY; our first and most important priority is making perfectly, with zero defect and complete prodcution. Our philosophy is, not only in administrative part but also in production part, satisfying all the demands which comes from our customers in correct time schedules with zero defect and also in the frames of productivity conditions.

We always aim the perfection, not only in our plant but also in all our suppliers. In addition to this just catching all quality standarts are not enough also being sustainable is one of our most important aspects.

At this step; continous improvement and development is the basic part of production focus in our company.